Chocolate Raspberry Smoothie

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My number 1 craving while I wasn’t eating sugar was chocolate. I made an awesome chocolate chickpea cake and cupcakes, but those were gone pretty quickly. I came up with an even healthier substitute: a chocolate raspberry smoothie with no added sugar.

It’s a simple combo of yogurt, milk, frozen raspberries and cocoa powder. The result is a decadent, thick, chocolaty and just barely sweet smoothie. In fact, you may find you need to add a sweetener or a sweeter fruit, especially if your raspberries aren’t particularly sweet.

This makes me want more smoothies. What’s your favorite smoothie recipe?


Chocolate Raspberry Smoothie

  • 1/2 C plain yogurt (I used Greek)
  • 1/4-1/2 C milk
  • 1/2 C frozen raspberries
  • 1 T cocoa powder
  • Optional: banana or honey or agave to sweeten it up

Place all ingredients in blender or food processor, starting with 1/4 cup of milk. Blend until smooth and add more milk if too thick. Add optional ingredients if it’s not sweet enough.

25 Responses to “Chocolate Raspberry Smoothie”
  1. Monet writes:

    I can’t do smoothies unless it is really warm outside, but I’m saving this recipe for the summer! I love the combination of chocolate and raspberries :-) Thank you for sharing such a great concoction. My favorite smoothie is peanut butter banana!

  2. Dani writes:

    LOL on the “barely sweet”. Maybe in summer it’ll be sweeter. Have you tried two-ingredient frozen banana ice cream with unsweetened cocoa added?

  3. Amy writes:

    I will have to try this smoothie! The combination of flavors sounds wonderful, and refreshing as well as satisfying to a sweet craving!
    Amy recently posted Winter Road Shortbread

  4. Stephanie writes:

    Monet – it’s been unseasonably warm here, so a smoothie totally worked. Usually in February I wouldn’t think about making a smoothie either! PB & choc sounds delicious.

    Dani – yeah, fresh raspberries in season would probably be sweeter. Yes, I’ve tried that but totally forgot about it! Thanks for reminding me.

    Amy – definitely refreshing and satisfying. It was super thick and decadent made with Greek yogurt.

  5. torviewtoronto writes:

    beautiful and delicious I like the addition of cocoa

  6. Wheels writes:

    Jamba Juice had a Peanut Butter Moo’d that had chocolate base, froyo, sorbet and peanut butter and was amaaaazing. Can you come up with one that’s healthier? :) Oh the Jamba version had bananas but I always subbed them out.

  7. Stephanie writes:

    Wheels – oooh I like a good challenge! I’m on it, will let you know what I come up with…

  8. Magic of Spice writes:

    I just love this and so easy :) Great combo of flavors…have a great weekend
    Magic of Spice recently posted Guest Post By Denise Fletcher- Oeuf Cocotte aux Champignons

  9. Leanne writes:

    love this idea! i think i’ll try it out tonight. thanks for sharing :)
    Leanne recently posted Marshmallow Creme-Filled Cupcakes

  10. Cakewhiz writes:

    That looks so refreshing and healthy too. Lovely presentation with those three berries in the centre!
    Cakewhiz recently posted How to make homemade confetti sprinkles

  11. Katrina writes:

    Oh i will be making this today! YUM! Sending some buzz your way!! :)
    Katrina recently posted Blogging is Good for Your Self Esteem

  12. Paula writes:

    I can`t stop looking at this! It`s absolutely divine and I want to try this…

    Have a great time,
    Paula recently posted Gotowana Babka z Patelni Delimano

  13. Lauren writes:

    I am attempting to eat less sugar as well, and my inner sugaraholic is definitely drawn to this delicious-looking smoothie! Chocolate and raspberry is such a classic flavor combination, and I can’t believe I’ve never had a smoothie that features it. I must make this soon!
    Lauren recently posted 100 Whole Wheat Anadama Bread

  14. Baking Serendipity writes:

    This looks so, so good! I love the balance of healthy and indulgent and smoothies are one of my favorite ways to start the day :)
    Baking Serendipity recently posted Super Bowl Snacks

  15. Christine @ Nourish the Budding Lotus writes:

    This looks delicious! I love desserts that satisfy my sweet tooth without the unnecessary added sugars. Yum!
    Christine @ Nourish the Budding Lotus recently posted Review – Real Food Nation

  16. Kristen writes:

    Putting cocoa in a smoothie is brilliant. I can just imagine how great it tastes.
    Kristen recently posted Your Recipe- My Kitchen- Greek Style Potato Stew

  17. Sommer@ASPicyPerspective writes:

    What a great idea! I find that sometimes you get the most creative when on restriction.
    Sommer@ASPicyPerspective recently posted Raspberry Lemon Cupcakes! XOXO

  18. Kristi Rimkus writes:

    I have a Magic Bullet that I use every day. I love these sweet and healthy smoothie. Who wouldn’t think they were eating a treat!

    Kristi Rimkus recently posted Impress Your Dinner Guests With Steak and Blue Cheese Stacks

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  21. Paula S writes:

    Where do you recommend purchasing cocoa powder from (preferably online)? I live in Canada and the only place I’ve found it is whole foods which is very expensive.

    Paula S recently posted Double Green Smoothie

  22. Stephanie Nuccitelli writes:

    Hi Paula, I’m not familiar with which websites will ship to Canada, but I’ve had luck finding baking ingredients on Amazon. I love Scharffen Berger cocoa, so I would try Googling that with “ship to Canada” or something similar. Good luck!

  23. Andrew writes:

    Add sugar and less cocoa powder

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  25. Serena writes:

    I love making healthy smoothies and I am always looking for ones that have ingredients that I have on hand, this is deff one!

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