Spiced Snowflake Cocktail

The winter usually gives me cravings for warm, comforting beverages like mulled wine or hot cocoa, but I found a drink that’s cold and perfect for a holiday party. This cocktail has that wonderful spiced flavor that makes me think of the holiday season, and it’s a little sweet without being over the top like some mixed drinks.

The Spiced Snowflake is based on a Silkology (Silk + mixology) recipe. Honestly, I wasn’t too sure about using soy milk in a cocktail, but I ended up loving it! The drink came out with a nice froth on top, but since the milk is so low in fat, it wasn’t too heavy. I used vanilla soy milk, which added a touch of sweetness and flavor too.

I made my own allspice liqueur, which I recommend you try–it’s really easy, cheap to make, and gives a strong spiced flavor to the drink. The original Silkology recipe called for agave to sweeten the drink, but I substituted maple syrup instead, which worked really well. Add some rum to the mix, shake it up, and you’re ready to go. This cocktail is a cinch to put together, making it even better for a busy holiday party. I’m hosting a New Year’s Eve party this year and now I know what I’ll be serving to drink alongside the requisite Champagne!

To make it even easier to put together, you could skip lining the rim of the glass in sugar, although it makes for a beautiful presentation. The original recipe called for cinnamon sugar to coat the rim, but I opted for white sparkling sugar instead, which reminds me of snow (and just looks pretty).

Silk is hosting a holiday recipe contest to see what other Silkology drinks you can come up with. Everyone who enters will receive a Silk cooking apron and 3 grand prize winners will receive a KitchenAid Mixer and a year of free Silk! Now that’s my kind of contest. Enter at the Winter Silkology Facebook page. There’s tons of fun drinks to browse through already, and there are plenty of non-alcoholic versions for your guests who don’t drink.

Spiced Snowflake



  1. Pour all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice and shake until everything is well combined and chilled.
  2. Wet the rim of a chilled cocktail glass and dip into sparkling sugar.
  3. Strain the liquid into the glass and enjoy immediately.


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