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Nutella Stuffed Chocolate Cookies

You guys, I can’t even. These rich chocolate cookies are stuffed with Nutella.¬†Seriously.

Triple Chocolate Cookies

Last weekend I went a little baking crazy and made 5 types of cookies and 3 types of fudge. ‘Tis the season, right? All of it got packaged up into cute boxes for work clients and far away family. I used two of my favorite cookie recipes from this site (perfect chocolate chip cookies and […]

The Ultimate Peanut Butter Brownies

I have occasionally taken advantage of the word “ultimate” (e.g., the Ultimate Brownie Sundae and Ultimate Thin Mint Truffle Pops), but I want you to know that I don’t take that word lightly. To me, the ultimate version of a recipe has to take a flavor or ingredients to the extreme. And I think I’ve […]

DIY Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix in a Jar

Do you want to give the gift of delicious cookies without all the work of making them? You’re in the right place! Last week I taught a holiday DIY class at West Elm in Roseville, CA. We made cookie mix in a Mason jar, but not just any cookie mix – I adapted my favorite […]

Mocha Cupcakes

Helloooo blog friends! You might have noticed that it’s been kind of quiet around here the last few months. Blogging became a bit of a slog for me (catchy phrase stolen from the New York Times ) and I’ve been having a hard time getting myself to sit down and write blog posts. It’s been […]