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Chocolate Macarons with Nutella Mousse

I’m hoping that the title made some of my regular readers squeal with delight – I promised 4 Nutella recipes coming up and we’re on #2 with this one! After my lightbulb moment making Meyer lemon macarons (I realized they are really just cookies with a few basic steps, nothing to be afraid of), I was […]

Nutella & Peanut Butter Swirl Brownies

The other day I was looking at my calendar and suddenly realized that I have made four Nutella based recipes in the last couple of weeks. Four! Um, that’s a bit excessive, no? Apparently you guys don’t think so though – when I broke the news on my Facebook page and asked if that made you […]

Cinnamon Chocolate Cupcakes with Nutella Frosting

Happy first day of spring! We’ve had a pretty mild winter here in northern California, but I’m still ready for full-on spring: sunshine, blooming flowers, skirts and flip-flops. When I saw these cupcake liners at Michael’s in January, I couldn’t resist buying a box. They’re too cute with little ruffles, tiny polka dots and pastel […]

Top 11 of 2011

If you started reading 52 Kitchen Adventures anytime over the 2011, you may have wondered how this blog got its name. In 2010, I explored one unusual ingredient each week, demystifying different foods from strange looking produce to exotic pantry items. Once a week for a year = 52 adventures in the kitchen. (Click here to see all […]

Relaunch, Nutella Brownies, and a Giveaway!

On my Facebook page and Twitter I’ve been teasing you all about big changes coming to this blog. The day is finally here and I’m excited to show you guys the new 52 Kitchen Adventures. If you’re reading this via email or RSS feed, click here so you can see for yourself… Have you come over […]