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Almost Healthy Nutella

So, as it turns out, Nutella isn’t good for you. Considering that sugar and palm oil are the first ingredients and it’s artificially flavored, I wasn’t exactly shocked. Like the article says, a settlement will “be paid to consumers if they are willing to admit they can’t read a nutrition label.” Whether you can analyze […]

Gluten Free Cupcakes with Nutella Cloud Frosting

“You can’t even tell these are gluten free!” Baking without gluten is notoriously difficult, so this statement made me smile. My sister and her partner are gluten-free so I’m always trying to find something to bake for our family get-togethers. In the past, I’ve avoided gluten altogether by making flourless desserts, such as flourless chocolate peppermint […]

5 Minute Lemon Mousse

Even after filling macarons with my Meyer lemon curd and giving a jar of it away, I still had a lot of lemon curd on my hands. Luckily, there’s no shortage of ways to enjoy it: mixed in yogurt, on toast, straight out of the jar with a spoon. Still, I was getting a little sick of my go-to ways […]

Chocolate Macarons with Nutella Mousse

I’m hoping that the title made some of my regular readers squeal with delight – I promised 4 Nutella recipes coming up and we’re on #2 with this one! After my lightbulb moment making Meyer lemon macarons (I realized they are really just cookies with a few basic steps, nothing to be afraid of), I was […]

Meyer Lemon Macarons

This isn’t going to be one of those blog posts complaining about how mysteriously difficult and finicky macarons are to make. I’m starting to believe that people over-think them and stress out over making them so much that that might be the actual problem. I used to be like that – I was mystified by […]