Two Ingredient Chocolate Ice Cream

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Two ingredient healthy ice cream

This is by far the easiest and healthiest ice cream ever. Except, it’s not technically ice cream, since there’s no dairy in it. This is a vegan and sugar free ice cream, which I know sounds pretty horrific. But it’s not! The key to this ice cream is a magical fruit: banana. When you freeze a banana and blend it, it turns into a creamy texture not unlike frozen yogurt. Add some cocoa powder and *voila!* you have chocolate ice cream. (I find that the cocoa powder masks most of the banana taste if you’re a banana hater.)

Depending on how ripe your bananas are, you can make it sweeter by adding honey (not necessary with ripe bananas). It’s a great way to use up over ripe bananas if you don’t want to make a whole banana bread. Plus, apparently bananas are filled with a starch that will keep you full longer so they’re a great snack choice.

I’ve tried this ice cream with chocolate and peanut butter so far. What ingredients would you add to it?


Two Ingredient Chocolate Ice Cream

Makes 1 serving

  • 1 banana, peeled and sliced
  • 1 T unsweetened cocoa powder

Optional ingredients:

Place banana slices in the freezer for around 45-60 minutes (depending on how thinly you slice them). Once frozen, place in blender or food processor with remaining ingredients. Blend until thoroughly combined and mixture is the texture of frozen yogurt. Serve immediately.

If you make too much, you can store this in an airtight container in the freezer. Before eating, let it sit out for a bit to thaw, otherwise you’ll find it’s too hard to eat.

23 Responses to “Two Ingredient Chocolate Ice Cream”
  1. Andrea writes:

    I LOVE this kind of ‘ice cream’…though I’ve never thought of trying it with chocolate powder. But I definitely will now!

  2. Grace writes:

    I always have overripe bananas and being a chocoholic family this recipe is perfect!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. :-)
    Grace recently posted Simply S’mores

  3. Jess writes:

    Such a great idea! Cannot wait to try it!

  4. Joy writes:

    I love love love this recipe.
    Joy recently posted Tea Party for a Cause

  5. Rochelle (Acquired Taste) writes:

    Love that this is vegan! I wouldn’t have thought bananas but I can imagine the chocolate and bananas together make a delicious ice “cream” :D
    Rochelle (Acquired Taste) recently posted Peruvian Papas Rellenas – The turkey that wasnt loved – A Daring Cooks Challenge

  6. Sarah Schiffman writes:

    Oh how dreamy! I can’t wait to try the banana method!!!
    Sarah Schiffman recently posted Propeller

  7. Medeja writes:

    I had only such ice cream with peanut butter :) next time I l try it with cacao :)

  8. Angela@RecipesFromMyMom writes:

    How crazy! Never knew you can make ice cream in this way. Thanks for the recipe.
    Angela@RecipesFromMyMom recently posted Lemon tea bread and Kelly Ripas Tea Party

  9. Island Vittles writes:

    great idea! So easy, I have to try it…Theresa

  10. egb writes:

    What a great idea! So easy and its ingredients you would have around anyway. Good one!
    egb recently posted Pineapple-mint sorbet

  11. Squash Blossom Babies writes:

    NICE!!! I love banana “ice cream”! :)

  12. Lauren at Keep It Sweet writes:

    I’ve made the banana soft serve before, but never added cocoa. Great idea!

  13. sucre en poudre writes:

    fantastic recipe!
    sucre en poudre recently posted Gâteau choco toblerone

  14. MS writes:



  15. Rosa writes:

    I can’t wait to try this! Thanks for sharing this recipe. It’s just brilliant. :-)

  16. Kita writes:

    Two ingredients. Sold! This sounds yummy!

  17. daksha writes:

    Oh!!!! my god what a great great idea! Cannot wait to try it!
    it’s so easy.

  18. C&C Cakery writes:

    I’ve made this one before, only with peanut butter. I really must make it with chocolate. I love it!
    C&C Cakery recently posted Mississippi Mud Pie Cookies

  19. Pam writes:

    My family has been pigging out on banana ice cream for years. We also take flavored syrups (like the kind used for Italian sodas, etc.) and pour some over the “ice cream”. My favorite is mango and guava. We can never make too much! :)

  20. Kat writes:

    I’m currently trying the Marshmallow Ice Cream recipe right now (Can’t wait until it’s done!) and saw this! Wishin’ I had picked up some banana’s while I was out! I used to make a smoothie with banana and a chocolate suplement mix every day, so I know this is going to be unreasonably tasty!

  21. Chad writes:

    Did this with some frozen bananas and fresh blueberries today. Yum.

  22. Stephanie writes:

    @Chad – that sounds delicious and so healthy! I will have to try that flavor combo. Thanks!

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