The Ultimate Thin Mint Truffle Pops {Giveaway}

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Is there another food season as anticipated as Girl Scout cookie season? Sure, spring and summer give us wonderful fresh produce, but you can only get Thin Mints and Samoas once a year. This year, I ignored the cute kids at the supermarket, walked past them as they hawked their famous cookies. “I can make better cookies myself,” I thought. And then Pinterest intervened. I saw some Thin Mint truffles and was instantly enamored. I had to make them, but it was too late – the Girl Scouts had packed up their boxes and were done selling.

Social media to the rescue! I tweeted about wanting Thin Mints and had two local offers within minutes. I got to thinking about you, and how you would feel looking at these truffle pops with no hopes of Thin Mints for another year, and bought 3 additional boxes. Scroll down past the recipe for your chance to win a Thin Mint Truffle Pops kit. Add cream cheese and you will have these decadent truffle pops in no time:

I call these The “Ultimate” Thin Mint Truffle Pops for good reason: instead of dipping them in chocolate or vanilla candy melts, I found dark chocolate mint candy melts. Mint chocolate is one of my all-time favorite flavor combinations, so I couldn’t resist making these truffle pops even more minty. The inside is thick, almost like fudge, and the whole truffle has a rich mint chocolate flavor.


The Ultimate Thin Mint Truffle Pops
Makes 15-20 small truffle pops
  • 1 box Thin Mints
  • 4 oz cream cheese, softened
  • 1 package Dark Cocoa Mint Candy Melts
  • 6″ lollipop sticks

Place Thin Mints into a food processor and process until they become fine crumbs. Add softened cream cheese to food processor and pulse until the mixture comes together into a ball. Roll dough into small balls and place in fridge for 20 minutes.

In the meantime, melt the candy melts in the microwave or a double boiler. Once candy melts are smooth, remove Thin Mint truffles from fridge. Dip the tip of a lollipop stick in melted chocolate, then insert into middle of truffle. Dip the entire truffle into the melted chocolate, removing quickly. Let dry and decorate by drizzling with melted green candy melts if desired.

(To see step by step photos and get some tips and tricks, see my post on how to make cake pops.)

Dying to try these truffle pops? Use the Rafflecopter form below to enter to win this kit (if you’re reading this via email or RSS reader, you’ll have to click over to the blog post to enter):

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53 Responses to “The Ultimate Thin Mint Truffle Pops {Giveaway}”
  1. Rachel writes:

    Thin mints are my favorite GS cookies, so these look delicious!

  2. Desiree writes:

    Love it

  3. Troy B writes:

    Nice website – Very well designed – and you give away chocolate. What could be better?

  4. amy marantino writes:

    thin mints are my fave. i like them frozen

  5. Michelle Vandergrift writes:

    Yum! Love mint!

  6. Jenny writes:

    Hi! Those pops look great – enter me!
    Jenny recently posted Cookbook Junkies Giveaway Post

  7. Dianemailings writes:

    Can you believe I never had a thin mint, these truffles would be a great first experience!

  8. Faye writes:

    I have been wanting to try Cake Pops, these sound really good.
    Have a great day!

  9. Becca H writes:

    I am such a Thin Mint freak, I think the local Girl Scouts might be a little bit afraid of me! Thanks for the chance to have a box without scaring anyone :)
    Becca H recently posted Parmesan Avocado Fries with Spicy Remoulade

  10. Margaret R writes:

    These look awesome. Thin mints are my hubs favorite girl scout cookie.

  11. Dinah writes:

    I REALLY want to make these for my family..and my really good friends…but only the really good ;)

  12. JennyV writes:

    I LOVE this idea! I’m away at school and had my mom order me 2 boxes….when I got home, they were no where to be found because someone probably ate them!

  13. Jenn writes:

    Would love to win this kit!

  14. Meghan writes:

    great giveaway! i am ready to try making cake pops!

  15. Janelle writes:

    I sold Girl Scout Cookies for 13 years, I always perk up when I see anything about them. Nestle is releasing (later this year), GSC-inspired candy bars, in a limited edition.

    There’s also a lot of recipes — on Pinterest — for homemade Thin Mint cookies.

  16. Wendy writes:

    Those look to die for! Anything with girl scout cookies can’t go wrong really.

  17. the wicked noodle writes:

    OH MY!! Are you serious?!! I’ll admit that I’m not much of a cake pop maker but I could be easily swayed with these!!
    the wicked noodle recently posted blueberries with some oatmeal muffin

  18. Candice writes:

    I would love to win this kit so I can make these delicious thin mint truffle pops. =)

  19. Taylor Lynn Bump writes:

    I love thin mints so much!

  20. Lauri writes:

    Oh, how I love Thin Mint cookies. I have seen these cookie truffles before and they sound so good!
    Lauri recently posted Tears in my cupcakes

  21. Kari writes:

    I love Girl Scout cookies! My favorite are Samoas!

  22. Laurie C writes:

    Thin Mints are my favorite.

  23. Lauren Razz writes:

    These look SOOO good!! I hope I win :) :)
    Lauren Razz recently posted LaurenRazz: @KitchAdventures I won’t! :)

  24. Kim writes:

    I like the peanut butter patties

  25. spacemonkey1138 writes:

    One of my teens loves mint but has never had a thin mint. Thanks for the chance!

  26. Lori Stilger writes:

    Gosh, I wish I had a box of Thin Mints! These look soooooooo good! TFS! :)

  27. Melissa Bowen writes:

    I can’t believe you still have Thin Mints to just give away! I have no will power… :)

  28. Greta writes:

    I can’t do it, I just can’t pick a favorite girl scout cookie! I might have to try and turn them all into truffle pops!

  29. Cori writes:

    Thin mints are my all-time favorite girl scout cookies!

  30. Joyce Muoio writes:

    My husband would never let me out of the house with these. LOL

  31. Anu writes:


  32. Erin writes:

    Wow! These look amazing AND Thin Mints are BY FAR my fave GS cookie! Thanks for the tempting recipe!!

  33. Anthony writes:

    Mint chocolate chip ANYTHING are the best!!!

  34. Chalette S. writes:

    Hi, just found your blog. Looks yummy…

  35. Emily @ Life on Food writes:

    What a great way to enjoy girl scout cookies. Thin mints are my favorites.
    Emily @ Life on Food recently posted Caprese Salad with Heirloom Tomatoes and WIAW

  36. Vicki writes:

    My favorite GS cookies are Thin Mints and Trefoils!!! I have always loved them right out of the box, and now it’s even more awesome to have a great recipe like this to use the Thin Mints!! Keep those amazing recipes coming! Thanks!

  37. Sharon writes:

    A coworker found your cupcake flower pot and turned me onto your site. Everyone knows I hate cooking and Love Baking just like you. My daughter Loves Mint/chocolate and her birthday is just around the corner. I will be trying these Thin Mint Truffles for her. This is great and I will be looking for updates

  38. Carmen writes:

    I love Thin Mint cookies. Not sure they’d make it into truffle pops if I win LOL

  39. Natalie J Vandenberghe writes:

    My family would love these Thin Mint Truffle Pops! Thanks for the giveaway.

  40. Karen writes:

    Ooohhh! I love Thin Mints!

  41. Jenne writes:

    My daughter LOVES thin mints!
    Jenne recently posted Lemon Asparagus

  42. Elizabeth Jenkins writes:

    Would love to make these for my granddaughters. Thin mints are a family favorite!

  43. tercüme bürosu writes:

    Lovely thin mints.

  44. David writes:


    I live in the uk and have started making homemade toffees and chews, these look amazing and I’d love to try them. What exactly are mint thins?? Are they like after eights or are they more like biscuits?

  45. Stephanie writes:

    @David – they’re more like biscuits – they are hard, crumbly mint chocolate cookies that are covered in chocolate.

  46. David writes:

    Hmmm, I’ll have I see if I can get a uk equivalent, thanks for that

  47. Karen writes:

    I never thought about using Thin Mints! I tried making the Oreo Cookie truffles, but wasn’t overly fond of them (again, it’s a textural thing with me. LOL) But now, Thin Mints, held together with some Bailey’s Mint Chocolate Liqueur… sorry, what was I saying?

  48. David writes:

    Im gonna try normal Double chocolate chip cookies as we don’t get mint thins, but swap normal cream cheese with a cadburys chocolate cream cheese and use some peppermint extract for the mint. Hope I get good results, will keep you all informed

  49. Margaret writes:

    I bet every GS cookie would make a FANTASTIC cookie pop truffle!!!!!

  50. Judy writes:

    I was on pinterest and found your link. I am always looking for new goodies to take to our local mental health facility for the geriatrics patients where my husband suffers from advanced dementia. I love your site and will be pinning it and mailing it home for future use. Thanks so much. Sorry I don’t have a website or other types of advertising for you. I have only e-mail, live in Tabor, SD so am a little isolated but love pinterest. Thanks again Judy

  51. David writes:

    Hi, I’ve asked this before but what are mint thins. Would you have a picture of one cut in half. A mint thin to me is a dark chocolate case with a. Creamy peppermint filling. Not sure if you get ‘after eights’ but that’s what I’m referring to
    David recently posted Deliciously Moist Chocolate Cupcakes

  52. Stephanie Nuccitelli writes:

    Hi David, a Thin Mint is a cookie that’s made for the Girl Scouts in America. As far as I know, you can’t get it in other countries. It’s a hard, crunchy mint chocolate cookie covered in chocolate. I hope that helps!

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