Slow Cooker Recipes

Apple Butter

Baked Yams

Balsamic Chicken

BBQ Pulled Chicken

BBQ Pulled Pork

Blueberry Lavender Butter (with fresh berries)

Blueberry Lavender Butter (with frozen berries)


Chicken Adobo

Chicken Fajitas

Chickpea Curry

Corn on the Cob


Hard Boiled Eggs

Honey-Soy Chicken Drumettes

Pomegranate Beef

Pumpkin Bread

Shredded Mexican Chicken

Sweet & Spicy Nuts

Spiced Blueberry Butter

Spinach Lasagna

Squash Lasagna

Steel Cut Oatmeal (The Best Oatmeal Ever)

Turkey Chili

Tilapia with Garlic Butter

Vegetable Pasta