How to Make a Cupcake Bouquet

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Oh, how I love Pinterest. It’s such a fun source for inspiration and new ideas. Someone pinned a cupcake bouquet and I knew right away that I had to create one myself. I couldn’t find any good guides on making them, so I put together a step by step photo tutorial for you so you can make one too. It’s really not that hard – pipe roses onto cupcakes (there’s an animated gif below to show you how), put them on some toothpicks into a styrofoam ball. Done!

I think a cupcake bouquet would be a lovely gift for Mother’s Day, which is coming up in two weeks. It would work for so many other occasions too – bridal showers, baby showers, birthdays, as a get well gift, or just as a pick-me-up for a friend who needs a smile (and tasty treat). This is the first one I’ve made and I love how it turned out, except I want to experiment with the fake leaves – I used tissue paper but I’m wondering if I can use real leaves somehow. I will try that out next!


For the cupcakes, I used Cupcake Project’s ultimate vanilla cupcake and vanilla bean buttercream (I substituted vanilla extract for bean in the frosting so it wouldn’t have flecks in it), which were met with rave reviews:

“As a chocolate person, I think of vanilla as a nothing flavor but this…this has a distinct flavor!”

“I hate frosting but this is great.” “The frosting isn’t too sweet.” “The frosting does taste like melted vanilla ice cream!”

Seriously, I can’t recommend these recipes enough: the cake is fluffy with a nice vanilla flavor and the buttercream frosting pipes perfectly and tastes like melted vanilla ice cream.

Who would you give a cupcake bouquet to?

How to make cupcake bouquets:

You’ll need: cupcakes, frosting, a disposable piping bag or a reusable piping bag, Wilton 1M tip (or a similar open star tip), green tissue paper, clear tape, flower pot, styrofoam ball, and toothpicks. All of these things are available online or at craft stores such as Michael’s (that’s where I found the adorable polka dot flower pot).

Bake cupcakes and make buttercream frosting. To pipe a cupcake rose, fit a piping bag with a 1M tip and fill with room temperature frosting. To pipe a rose, hold the piping bag perpendicular to the surface and start in the center of the cupcake. Gently squeeze the bag and pipe frosting around in a spiral until you reach the outer edge, then let go. 

Place cupcakes in fridge while you prepare the styrofoam so the frosting becomes firm.

Place styrofoam ball into flower pot. Place two toothpicks in each area where you want a cupcake. Note: around the sides, insert toothpicks at 45° angle, otherwise cupcakes will fall off after a while.

Slide a cupcake onto each pair of toothpicks, adjusting toothpicks as needed to place cupcakes close together. Cover as much of the styrofoam as you can. (My styrofoam ball had a 5″ diameter and fit 10 cupcakes.)

Cut green tissue paper into small strips.

Fold strips into accordions 

Pinch the bottom of the accordion fold

Place a piece of clear tape at the pinched part of the tissue paper and stick it to the exposed styrofoam in between the cupcakes. Make more tissue paper “leaves” until you cover all the uncovered areas.

And you’re done! Bring your cupcake bouquet to your next birthday party, baby shower, Mother’s Day, bridal shower…the possibilities are endless!

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    This is beautiful and such detailed instructions. Thx :-)
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  2. Stephanie writes:

    @CJ – thank you! It was fun to make. I’m glad you enjoyed the post :)

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    So gorgeous! Gonna have to be a reader now. :) Stopping by from Spring Fling.
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    wow! that’s seriously adorbs!
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  8. Stephanie writes:

    @kalynbrooke – thanks! I’m so glad you found me via Spring Fling.

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    @the wicked noodle – thanks for stopping by, Kristy!

  10. Stephanie writes:

    @fork – thanks! :)

  11. Tiffany writes:

    This is so beautiful! Perfect for mothers day!
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    I love your bouquet! Thanks for sharing :) And yes, I love Pinterest too…
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  13. Anna writes:

    Mint leaves would be great for this….luckily for me I have a ton!

  14. VERO DE LA CRUZ writes:

    me encantooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  15. Stephanie writes:

    @Anna – mint leaves are a great idea! I’ll have to try those too. Thanks :)

  16. Maxine writes:

    Stephanie, I think you would change your mind on the vanilla thing if you had the RIGHT vanilla! Mexican vanilla has a TOTALLY different flavor than most, and is BY FAR the most awesome. White Mexican Vanilla, preferably ROOSTER brand, can be bought online, or I have friends bring it from AZ or NM or get it on a cruise. This is the ONLY kind I use, and believe me, its the best. GIve it a try.

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    Very cute cupcake display. I can’t wait to make one!

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    Love this idea! Was wondering if the frosting slipped off the angled cupcakes once it was at room temp?

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    This is gorgeous! Where did you get the lovely plant pot from?? I’m looking for one in just this colour..

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    Hey there! Just wanted to let you know we featured you in our Favorite Find Fridays post over at Whimsically Homemade. We used one of your pictures. If that’s a problem let us know and we’ll remove it immediately. Thanks for your great inspiration!

  23. Stephanie writes:

    @Jen – I got the flower pot at Michael’s.

  24. Angela B. writes:

    THIS IS AMAZING! You make it look SO easy. I would never have thought of this. Can’t wait to try it! Again, AMAZING!

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    This is so great! What a lovely idea for wedding decorations, or gifts. Thank you for your easy step-by-step instructions too, you make it so clear and simple.

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  27. Cassandra writes:

    How do I transport these??? As soon as they aren’t in the fridge the frosting starts to droop. I am doing 6 for a wedding and I am doubtful they will make it to the event :(

  28. Stephanie writes:

    @Cassandra – what kind of frosting are you using? I used a buttercream (link to the recipe is in the post) and had no problem at all with drooping frosting, even after it had been at room temperature for a while.

  29. Lauren writes:

    This is absolutely brilliant, so creative I love it!

  30. Aneta writes:

    I recently made a cupcake bouquet and it looked great but after an hour or two the frosting on the bottom layer started to slide off. Any suggestions? I made the regular buttercream frosting.

  31. Stephanie writes:

    @Aneta – did you angle the cupcakes so they face kind of upward, not perpendicular to the ground? That should help. Keep it in the fridge until right before serving too.

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  37. Linda Campbell writes:

    I made a cupcake bouquet for my friend Lynn’s birthday this past week. It was a big hit. The only problem was the bouquet was so pretty no one wanted to take the cupcakes off and eat them . I posted pictures on my pintrest board. I wish you could see it but I don’t know how to get the photo to you other than you going to look for it on my pintrest account. Thank you for the inspiration.

  38. Stephanie writes:

    @Linda – I’d love to see photos! Can you post them to my Facebook page?

  39. Rose writes:

    Hi Steph this is a great tutorial
    We made around 16 for a bridal shower a few
    Years ago, and you may need to weight the bottom as the can be top heavy
    We used old Christmas mugs with the handle broken off

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    neat!! we’re always looking for fun new cake ideas for my daughter’s birthday. You could do cake pops in between the cupcake roses for additional interest in the bouquet too!

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    Love love love this!!!!!! Thanks for a great tutorial. Just what I need to cheer myself up with!!! :)

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    I love this! Especially the cupcake roses! Also the instructioms are great!

  47. statelysweets writes:

    I love these! Especially the cupcake roses. I found a pot almost identical to yours at Michaels. Thx!
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  48. Natalie writes:

    LOVE THIS! Will this last in a 2 hour car ride in LA heat??? How long do they actual stay up for?

  49. Stephanie writes:

    @Natalie – honestly, I’m not sure how it will last in a hot car for 2 hours. Frosting doesn’t hold up that well in heat so I’m afraid they might slide off. Maybe it would work if you freeze it briefly before you leave.

  50. Lucia writes:

    What a great idea! Thanks for sharing it!! :)

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    @Lucia – thanks! :)

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    i want to do this for a sick coworker but i need everything to be edible…suggestion
    thank you
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  56. Stephanie writes:

    @kareem – even the pot? I guess you could make a cake and carve it into that shape, then maybe cover it in fondant (or just frost it). Now you’ve got me thinking…I want to try that!

  57. Chris Jackson writes:

    I use popsicle sticks cut down, holds the weight of the cupcakes much better.

  58. Stephanie writes:

    @Chris – thanks for the great tip! I’ll try that next time.

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    Those cupcakes are just breathtaking! Thanks for the comprehensive tutorial :)

  62. Lauren writes:

    Do you know how big the pot was that you used?

  63. Stephanie writes:

    Lauren, it was fairly small – probably around 6 inches tall and 4 inches in diameter.

  64. Frankie writes:

    What a great idea! As I read thru all the tips and comments that followed, I thought back to the leaves…For them I would make cookies in leaf shape to add that extra touch (and treat)

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  66. Barbara Wilson writes:

    Thank you so much for this tutorial. Just practiced a bouquet for a baby shower I am catering with cupcakes next week (you can see it on Facebook if you go to our page–WorldCup(cakes) ). Used a pot and a 6in diameter ball which held 12 cakes. Any thoughts on how to transport these beauties?

  67. Stephanie writes:

    Barbara, I’d probably put it in a slightly larger box or baking pan and pad it a bunch. Or get someone to hold it for you if that’s an option! :)

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    Hi, I found this on Pinterest, what a good idea :-). I’ll have a look at the rest of your blog now

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    This is such a neat idea. I am making a cupcake tower for a surprise 60th birthday party. Normally on the top of the cupcake tower, I would have an 8″ layer cake, but the customer wanted a larger cake at table level….so I was looking for something to do for the top of the tower. This will be great! :)

  71. Ashley writes:

    I would maybe use baby’s breath or tulle squares to fill in the gaps!

  72. Ashley writes:

    I did a practice round and the icing was way to creamy, lumpy and not stiff enough to make a design. I let my kitchen aid mixer beat it a while. Suggestions?

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  79. Louise writes:

    Love the idea … I tried but failed … Help … Bought mini cupcakes from my favorite bakery … Couldn’t Get the toothpicks thru the cupcake paper … So tried punching a hole in paper … Still problems, the cupcakes were getting smashed … What is the secret?

  80. lisa vaughn writes:

    Thank you for posting such great instructions! Apparently I promised my dentist a batch of my daughters cupcakes while I was “under”. She is a wonderful baker and is looking forward to following through on my so deserved debt.

  81. RachelH writes:

    I tried this and it ended up in a total disaster two years ago on Mother’s Day. The cupcake liners could not be pierced by the toothpick. I ended up “smooshing” some of the cupcakes. I finally got a safety pin and pre-poked the holes in the liners where the toothpicks would go. It’s a nice and cute idea, but I will never attempt this again.

  82. Stephanie Nuccitelli writes:

    Louise, I use plain, thin paper cupcake liners and haven’t had any trouble piercing them with a toothpick. I’ve also heard of other people using popsicle sticks instead of toothpicks.

  83. Stephanie Nuccitelli writes:

    RachelH, I’m sorry to hear the toothpicks didn’t work for you. Some people have used popsicle sticks instead. I’ve never had an issue piercing my liners with toothpicks. For the bouquets, I always use thin paper liners (the pastel colored ones they have at the grocery store).

  84. pamela writes:

    la mejor explicacion del todas, buenisima pagina

  85. Laura writes:

    Just wondering if you couoldnt get a hold of a styrofoam ball, can you suggest anything else to use please?

  86. Janneke Meerman writes:

    Great how-to!! Shared it on my blog!!

  87. zlati writes:

    This is absolutely stunning! Thank you! You are amazing ! I am totally making this for a birthday gift

  88. Mary May writes:

    I love this idea and I’m planning on doing them for my niece’s wedding. As I have to transport them do you think it would be OK to mount them and then decorate in situ? Also instead of toothpicks, what about using double-sided sticky tabs? Thanks.

  89. sheri writes:

    Stephanie, you truly have a gift. Thanks, they were delicious!

  90. Chelly Wood writes:

    I run a website on Secret Pal ideas (like Secret Santa). I’d like to redirect my readers to this website for instructions to make this for Administrative Assistant day (April 24). Would you mind if I use your image of the final product to let them know how fantastic this product can look? As I said, I’ll be redirecting traffic to this site, for instructions on how to make it.

    I’d like to post on April 4th so people have plenty of time to plan and make the project.
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  91. Stephanie Nuccitelli writes:

    I’ll send you an email, Chelly.

  92. Julie writes:

    These are adoreable! Did you use the mini cupcakes or regular sized?
    Julie recently posted Molten Chocolate Skillet Brownie

  93. Stephanie Nuccitelli writes:

    Thanks Julie! I used regular sized cupcakes.

  94. Ashleigh writes:

    This was great! Very helpful and the videos were even more helpful!

    I used a sharpie and personalized my flower pot and baked it in the oven. I also put yellow food coloring in my icing so I had soft yellow roses! They turned out beautiful! I wanted to upload photos, but i dont think we can by commenting…
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  95. mizsmity writes:

    hey I can’t get my cupcakes along the bottom row to stay firmly on there… do they just balance or are yours really secure?? also a question about buttercream. if your butter is a bit to cold can it curdle when mixed with icing sugar??? ive made it a million times but just recently it keeps curdling and I just don’t no what’s going wrong :( help !

  96. Debbie @ Deliciously Inspired writes:

    This a an adorable idea. Can’t wait to try with next batch of cupcakes. Great tutorial. Thank you. Stopping by from Deliciously Inspired.

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    Thank you Stephanie for the lovely tutorial. This was my inspiration for this Mothers Day :) I love your blog .. thank you for sharing…

  98. Crystal writes:

    Loved your post here… Great ideas & pictures… Am so excited about making mine… in progress now… Have started my bouquet… using styrophom ball in a beautiful 8″ blue ceramic pot… put the 5″ plastic cups on with a large head screw to hold them secure… adding silver tissue paper between and will have the cupcakes be white… Matching my Granddaughter’s school colors for her celebration party next Saturday… Also adding a large wreath ring covered in blue crape paper with more cups attached on an angle for the pot to sit in the center… hoping it turns out the way I see it in my mind… Thanks for the wonderful Ideas you share… Enjoy!!!

  99. Debbie writes:

    Love the Cupcake Bouquet !!! Can’t wait to try this project out with my Grand-daughter that wants to learn how to bake cupcakes. So our project will be for Fathers and just hope they turn out as good as yours. Thanks for the wonderful blog. :)

  100. Lily-Mae Andrew writes:

    What a beautiful bouquet and a fantastic idea. I have a friends birthday coming up and was looking for something a bit different. I think this will fit the bill nicely. Thank you very much.
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  101. Lynda Shaw writes:

    Thank you so much for posting the details – I’ve been through a thousand pictures, with no details, trying to figure out what size flower pot / styrofoam ball I need for the amount of cupcakes I need!! This is adorable!

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    I absolutely love this! How creative! There are clearly more cupcakes on the link I saw on FB than there are on the “rose bouquet”. Did you make miniature ones for the other? Thanks!

  104. Diane Coates writes:

    Love this idea, thanks for sharing!! It looks as though the bouquet seen on my feed on FB has many more cupcakes than the rose bouquet. Did you use miniature pans? Thanks!

  105. Annie writes:

    I’ve done this with extra green cupcake liners as the leaves! just bunch them up at the bottom like you did the tissue paper – they already have a little texture. I love the pot you used! I used a decorative flower pot that my mom continues to use today since I made this bouquet for her a couple years ago. Great tutorial! Thanks!

  106. MiniBooger writes:

    You note tape is required in the materials list, but it is not mentioned in the tutorial. What is it used for?

  107. MiniBooger writes:

    Nevermind! I see it now :P
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  108. Bonnie Watkins writes:

    I love things different and this is really diffferent. I am going try to do this bouquet of roes cupcakes thanks for the ideal

  109. Stephanie Heaphy writes:

    How darn cute! Can you put food coloring in them?

  110. Stephanie Nuccitelli writes:

    Thanks Stephanie! Do you mean to color the frosting? Absolutely! You can use food coloring in the frosting. I also used beet juice to color this frosting pink (you can’t taste it at all).

  111. cynthia jones writes:

    hi are you using regular cupcake papers or mini? I have flower pot and ball and I don’t see how you ca get 10 cupcakes on this ball. Please respond back to me thank you

  112. Stephanie Nuccitelli writes:

    Cynthia, these are regular sized cupcakes. You can use mini ones if your flower pot and ball are too small to hold regular cupcakes.

  113. Denise Noel writes:

    I used Babies Breath and other real greenery. The greenery was tall enough…it doesn’t affect the rose frosting!

  114. Denise Noel writes:

    I used real greenery and babies breath. The greenery was high enough it didn’t harm the rose frosting.

  115. Carries writes:

    Love it! Thanks!

  116. Debbie writes:

    What size pot, ball and cupcake?

  117. Stephanie Nuccitelli writes:

    Hi Debbie, these are regular sized cupcakes. I fit around 10 on a ball and pot with 5″ diameter. Someone else commented that fit 12 cupcakes on a pot and a 6in diameter ball.

  118. Karen Bower writes:

    Where does one purchase a vanilla bean? And did you need to use something heavy under the Styrofoam in the pot so it doesn’t tip over?

  119. 12 ways to spice up your cake baking life | Superheroes Sans Capes writes:

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  120. Stephanie Nuccitelli writes:

    Karen, I didn’t use anything to weight the pot down, but it couldn’t hurt. I used vanilla extract in this frosting, but I recommend vanilla bean paste for a great vanilla buttercream (it just has black flecks in it).

  121. Animationmu writes:

    What a nice guide, thx a lot.

  122. Connie writes:

    I made one for my mom’ birthday and it was met with rave reviews. Thanks for the great idea. I used gel coloring in my piping bag and created a two-toned look for my roses. I was wondering for your buttercream, did you use a one to one ratio for the vanilla extract to the vanilla bean paste? I need my buttercream to not have flecks in it.

  123. Stephanie Nuccitelli writes:

    Connie, so glad you enjoyed it! Yes, I used about the same amount of vanilla extract. Taste the frosting and add more if needed.

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    Congratulations on your feature day on SITS, do have a super blessed day!
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    wow…what a talent…I’m jealous since I am a horrible baker.
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  129. Pam writes:

    That is absolutely wonderful. I have never seen one of these! I’m a big cupcake fan (cake is literally my favorite food…), so this whole idea is perfect. I think I’ll make one of these for my inlaws for their anniversary. Happy SITS day!
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    This is such a cute idea and so easy to do as well. What a great gift or decoration for any occasion.
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    But great attempt. You are so skilled to pull it off like that!

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  150. Tricia writes:

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  151. Stephanie Saunders writes:

    Tricia, popsicle sticks and toothpicks both work, as do lollipop sticks. I would assemble as close to the event as possible. The bottom cupcakes do sometimes fall off if you leave the bouquet assembled for hours. Good luck! :)

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  183. Stephanie Saunders writes:

    You’re right, Jill – I used paper liners. That way you can use toothpicks and push them through the bottom of the cupcakes. Have fun!

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